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Warframe Description

Descendants of an ancient warrior civilization, the Tenno have awakened from centuries of cryosleep in the middle of a war that they have no choice but to take part in.


The Tenno are no strangers to battle, as they are the sole possessors of an ancient weapon system known as the Warframe, an exo skeleton which enhances their combat capabilities with arsenals unique to each of the four types available in this online game featuring aliens, ninjas and other mysterious beings.

The Excalibur is a suit which provides the most utility and most basic functions of any of the Warframes, allowing you to gain a better understanding of these strange suits of armor and better determine which specific capabilities of the Warframes suit your style of fighting. However, this is not to say that any aspect of the Excalibur is underdeveloped, when used properly, the Excalibur can be equally as devastating on the field of battle as any of the other more specialized Warframes available in the action brawler.

Mag is a master of manipulating the enemy, a skill facilitated by Mag’s superior control of surrounding magnetic fields. Mag can push or pull nearby opponents, directly affect their shield levels, turn their own bullets against them and even crush them with the sheer magnetic force available to this Warframe.Rhino is reminiscent of its namesake, with hefty defensive capabilities and terrifying brute force for offensive maneuvers. Rhino is by far the heaviest Warframe there is, all of which is backed up by Rhino’s incredible strength and devastating power.

Loki utilizes abilities that allow for on the fly reconfiguration of allies and enemies alike. Unlike Rhino, Loki uses very little brute force in defeating enemies, opting instead to undermine the plans and tactics of its foes with decoys, invisibility, teleports and disarming capabilities.

Whatever style of play suits you best, Warframe supports it with one of the many frames available. More and more classes are being added to the free-to-play game, so keep your eyes peeled for new announcements!

by Jonathan Smith

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